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Hej, I´m Aga

Teacher of kundalini yoga, pregnancy preparation, and yoga classes for women.

Loving the life yogini, living the present ♥


I'm dedicated to share with you, how to find yourself and live the life you really want and love.

Yoga is an essential part of me and my life. I have been practicing for over 15 years and have been teaching for more than decade. I live my passion and I love my life.


Kundalini Yoga completely changed my life and gave me what I had not found in other schools of yoga: greater awareness, and a deeper sense of love for myself, my life and a space dedicated to that.


In the Yoga for Women I offer, my aim is to inspire women to find their inner strength grace, wisdom and self love.


Another of my passions is Conscious Pregnancy and Birth Preparation. Inspired by my own maternal journey, I wish to share with present and future mothers some of the yogic ways of preparing for and experiencing motherhood. Helping women awaken to the awesome power women have in their roles as mothers brings me joy.


I have been so fortunate as to live in different countries, speak many languages ​​and be deeply familiar with different cultures. I was born and raised in Poland. After my university studies I moved to Italy and lived there for several years. Now Copenhagen is my current home, but my heart is still in Poland and Italy, therefor I love to hold Yoga Retreats in my beloved Italy and Poland.


My biggest wish is to share with people how to live the life with happiness, love and passion.

My yoga practice is not limited to only an hour or two hour a day on the mat. I gain knowledge and experience by trying to practice yoga 24 hours a day. Yoga is how I live my life in all contexts, and I am so dedicated to this lifestyle that I am inspired me to write about it too. My intent is to share my passion for yoga and help you to live a HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFE.  

My passion for yoga is expressed in part in writing about living a yogic lifestyle


As an instructor, I have completed over 500 hours of yoga teacher training courses (through Yoga Alliance). I am a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga by Kundalini Research Institute and recognized by the Yoga Alliance as well.

I also have yin yoga teacher training and Pilates instructor's qualification (STOTT Pilates) and have taken many courses on teaching of yoga during pregnancy and post pregnancy.


Gratitude  appreciating the excellent teachers on my yoga journey


My teachers include:

Susanna Finocchi - my first Ashtanga yoga teacher

Jo Phee - yin yoga teacher

Gurmukh Khalsa, Gurujagat Kaur, Uma Dinsmore,Tuli and Sue Elkind - pregnancy and postnatal yoga teachers

Anna Verwaal, Debra Pascali - Bonaro, Maria Ryll and Malgorzata Borecka - doula instructors

Sarit Maor Simrit and Guru Dharam Khalsa - my yoga and life teachers

Sat Nam




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