Vera Alexander


My practice with Agnieszka is one of the highlights of my week. She really knows her stuff and is constantly educating herself further and sharing new things, so the practice is very effective and varied and never becomes dull. Just a few sessions of personal classes already made a huge difference to how I felt, and after 2-3 months I started to see the progress as well. Agnieszka is great at motivating her students to challenge themselves while making sure they do the positions correctly. She is very good at listening to what the student wants to achieve and flexible about accommodating my busy schedule. I'm always energised after the practice and often don't notice how hard we've worked until the next day!



Olga Dąbrowska


Agnieszka can feel what the group needs during this particular day, whether it’s more relaxation or more challenge. She explains what is the influence of the exercise and its function, which helps to find its purpose, Agnieszka gives examples and more background behind the postures, which I find inspiring and can relate to and I’m never bored. I feel I can be myself and feel open to express myself freely. Agnieszka creates open, warm and friendly atmosphere. I find the topics Agnieszka works on relevant for me


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