shakti yoga

After 20 years of my own yoga practice I have been combining in my everyday sadhana all I have learnt from traditional yoga schools. I love the strengths and precision of ashtanga yoga, the flow and grace of vinyasa, the stillness and receiving energy of yin yoga and awarness and self love and realisation of kundalini yoga. 

Shakti Yoga is a combination of pranayama (breath exercises), yang and yin yoga, meditation, mantras chanting and awarneness to find the inner strength, grace, wisdom and self love.

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Shakti Yoga - Learn how to let it go 

Autumn Leaves Falling On Ground

We enter in the season when the nature teach us how to let it go. Lets follow the nature and release not only the stress but also fears and emotion of the past.

Saturdays 9:00 - 10:30 at Sangha Yoga Studio - Copenhagen in Vesterbro
Price: 100 kr for class, or 270 kr for 3 classes

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