kundalini yoga - Aga Bera
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kundalini yoga

    There are many yoga schools and each of them has the same purpose: connecting breathing, body and soul. Kundalini yoga is one of those schools. It is special, because it guides us into this process by letting us know ourselves. Kundalini yoga is called “high-tech”, the...

  Many years ago a wise women said me, “Now is the time for you to open your heart. You must learn how to love yourself.” I felt so happy to hear her words, but at the same time I wondered how to do it. What does it mean to love myself and how do I do it?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, autumn is the season associated with the lungs and large intestine. It is the time of year when we should pay extra attention to these organs. I have realised that during the autumn I can easily get an infection in my respiratory system and my elimination system sometimes behaves strangely. I feel often like my bowel system is "unhappy".