Living the Yogi’s Life - Aga Bera
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Living the Yogi’s Life

How to live like a yogi?

We don´t need to sit in meditation position for the whole day, live in separation and to fast to be a yogi.


Anyone can become a yogi, who lives not only by society’s laws but also lives and is guided by love and truth.


Anyone who becomes aware of inner power and wisdom. Anyone who wants to be guided by universal spiritual principles.

In this workshop you will be introduced to sadhana – your everyday yoga and meditation practice, yogic lifestyle according to kundalini yoga.

Topics include the optimal diet, developing positive habits, influencing sleep patterns, constructive activities, and your daily yoga practice.

When: Saturday,  21 April 2018, at 10 – 13


Price: 375 kr (3 hours workshop), you can have a try class for 225 with 3 punches and use it for workshop if you have never been to Yogacentralen before


Teacher: Agnieszka Bera


Where: Yogacentralen, Allégade 25A, Frederiksberg (Copenhagen)