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“To Do List” – send it to UNIVERSE

"TO DO LIST" - SEND IT TO UNIVERSE. change your life with yoga and yogi lifestyle

“To Do List” – send it to UNIVERSE

Have you ever written a list of things to do in the long term – a list of your dreams and plans for the future?
I love to do come up with a plan, to imagine a dream and write about it on a piece of paper in my calendar or diary.
Recently I discovered a way to realize my dreams.

I have faith and share my intention with the higher forces, which I call the UNIVERSE (and which you may call by another name).


It is amazing to observe how once you state your intention, things become easier to implement and everything falls into place.
Sometimes I fantasize about living in a new apartment. Although the idea has come to mind more than once, I have been incapable of action and afraid of trying to realize it. Just the idea of searching for a new place, selling the old one, dealing with bureaucracy and then packing and moving and getting settled was exhausting.


However, I still have a dream of a living in a new space, so I decided to take on this major undertaking – but by stating my intention, I do not have to do it all on my own; instead, I will do it with the help of the UNIVERSE.


How does it work?


1. First I write down my plan in my notebook. I describe how I envision it – what my apartment should look like, and where it should be located. I add as much detail as is possible, and by focusing on what is in my mind’s eye and putting my visions into words and writing them down, that is a way of communicating to the UNIVERSE what I need. I try to imagine myself already living in this apartment.


2. By envisioning it and writing it down, I am sendign this message to the UNIVERSE, in the same way that I send messages to friends or colleagues by email.


3. And just like you order a product online to be delivered to your address, when I write about my dream in my notebook, it is just as binding as when I place an order online and confirm the payment. Once in my notebook, my message to the universe cannot be cancelled.


4. Once I have placed an order to the universe, I do not expect a miracle. I have to wait patiently for the delivery, but I am sure that it will come. Even with assistance the new apartment will not come in to my possesion unless I also make an effort, so I also start taking the necessary steps.

– I start to gather information, talk with people about my needs, and investigate the current situation in the housing market.


– I talk with a bank representative and a real estate agent. I talk with neighbors and friends about my plan, and I seek and request more information.


– Gradually, I notice that progress is being made. Suddenly there are opportunities. Someone tells me about a friend’s apartment, I see an advertisement about getting a cheap loan, and a friend of a friend is suddenly interested in buying my old apartment.


With no sense of panic with and little effort, things starts to happen. All of the pieces to the puzzle are in front of me, and as I work on the different sections of the puzzle, the picture becomes more visible. This is my method. I have faith, I patiently take steps to solve my problem. By accepting the process and not being rushed, I gradually fulfill my dreams. I believe my dream will come truie, and I accept what is given to me at the right moment.


This method really works. Just have confidence in yourself and the universe, make an effort, have patience and accept that it is a work in progress. Go with the flow and receive what the life brings to you during your journey.

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