What do you need to let it go? - Aga Bera
Blog post how kundalini yoga can help to let it go and release.
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What do you need to let it go?

Let it Go - kundalini yoga in Copenhagen with Aga Bera

What do you need to let it go?


“Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop”  Rumi


I had never thought about fall in the way described by Rumi, but reading his words made me realise how everything is connected: nature, our bodies, our feelings and moods.

Autumn is a time of transformation, and is the time to let go!


According to Chinese medicine, autumn is the season associated with the lungs and large intestine; it is the time of year when the elimination system of the body is mostly stimulated.
It is the season when we should pay close attention to these organs, to strengthen them and allow the body to eliminate everything properly.


Autumn is the season when we are more sensitive to feelings of sadness and depression. These moods often arise because we are attached to certain things, people or emotions and we don’t want to let them go from our lives.


Last summer I lost my father. He passed away while I was together with him in the hospital. Losing him affected me very deeply. I did not want to let him go. After his death, I remained seated by his bed for few hours, not wanting to leave him there. Later, I decided to keep some of his things at my home, even some of his clothes that still smell like him, and which made me feel close to him.


A few weeks later I started to have problems with my bowel system. I felt like a balloon and I could not understand why I was experiencing these problems. I normally eat very healthy food and I practice yoga every day, so this discomfort was unusual for me.


I decided to do mono diet, which I have written about here:  Autumn Cleasning Monodiet Of course it helped me immediately on the physical plane, but I also realised that I had to more besides the mono diet; I needed to let go of certain thoughts in my mind and release painful emotions.


It happened that I had this realisation on the very weekend we celebrate All Saints Day – on the first of November. As a child, I had never celebrated Halloween (The word Halloween is a contraction of All Hallows’ Evening. On November 1, All Saints’ Day is observed by many all over the world), and I was raised with the tradition of remembering all of the people dear to me who had passed away on the first two days of November.


Everything became clear to me instantly. I needed to let go of my father and the trauma of his death! Letting go would never mean I would stop loving him or could ever forget him, I just needed to let him go in peace.


What do YOU need to let go of this fall?


Post Scriptum: Would you like to remember your relatives and friends who have departed? You might consider marking All Soul’s Day on 2 November.

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