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Kundalini yoga and meditation, chakra healing, yogi lifestyle. We arrange yoga retreats and kundalini yoga classes and workshops in Copenhagen and in Europe.
kundalini yoga and meditation, yoga retreats, holidays with yoga, kundalini yoga Copenhagen, Aga Bera, yogi lifestyle
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My students says…

Aga Bera kundalini yoga teacher in Copenhagen

Hi, my name is Agnieszka

I´m kundalini yoga teacher


I specialise in chakra, self love and inner child healing.

I am dedicated to sharing techniques that enable you to find yourself and live the life you love.


Yoga is an essential to me and the life I love. I have had a dedicated practice for more than 20 years and have been teaching for over 15 years. I love the life I am living. I love the yogic way of life.

Join me to GRATIS Kundalini Yoga and chakras immersion 

change your life with yoga


 chakras awareness 


Free Course with Yoga, meditation and more…


Kundalini Yoga Workshop in Copenhagen


Copenhagen Yoga Festival

Self Love Healing

24 august 2018 at 14:00

kundalini yoga workshops and classes with Aga Bera

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