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kundalini yoga, meditation, yogi lifestyle, yoga retreats, yoga philosophy, chakra healing, innerchild healing
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  I hear this again and again, that kundalini yoga is a dangerous practice that misuses sexuality and makes you crazy. I was wondering why there is a sexual association with kundalini yoga, because as an advanced practitioner of kundalini, I have only experienced it as the...

I believe that our organism is so smart that it is able to clean and heal itself. We don’t really need any special means or medicine to be cured; instead, we should listen to our body deeply, recognise what is best for us and what...

    There are many yoga schools and each of them has the same purpose: connecting breathing, body and soul. Kundalini yoga is one of those schools. It is special, because it guides us into this process by letting us know ourselves. Kundalini yoga is called “high-tech”, the...

  Many years ago a wise women said me, “Now is the time for you to open your heart. You must learn how to love yourself.” I felt so happy to hear her words, but at the same time I wondered how to do it. What does it mean to love myself and how do I do it?
  We often forget that the heart knows the truth.  “The heart is a temple where in all truth resides.” (George Burns) Fear shows up in our lives when we let the mind dominate the heart. Sometimes instead of listening to our hearts and surrendering to the love and light, we become a victim of the negativity in our minds. A mind is a powerful tool and how you use it affects your life. As said by Yogi Bhajan, a master of kundalini yoga who introduced it to the United States, “The mind is given to us, we are not given to the mind.”

Injections of sunshine   Now, during the winter our body needs reinforcement injection. I call these potions "injections of sunshine".   It tastes delicious, and you can take it every day in many ways, for example: - Just by taking teaspoon of the mixture a couple of times a day. - As...

Inspired by one of the posts I have seen in social media, I decided to have my own jar of happy moments in my life in 2018

Every Time I feel happy, grateful and I enjoy my life, I write it on the small colorful pieces of paper and put it into the jar.


"Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop"  Rumi


I had never thought about fall in the way described by Rumi, but reading his words made me realise how everything is connected: nature, our bodies, our feelings and moods.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, autumn is the season associated with the lungs and large intestine. It is the time of year when we should pay extra attention to these organs. I have realised that during the autumn I can easily get an infection in my respiratory system and my elimination system sometimes behaves strangely. I feel often like my bowel system is "unhappy".